I can't believe it has been 11 months since my last post. It's been a crazy year. I know I started a 2014 Year in Review post, but it was too overwhelming to write.

I've been bike commuting to work again recently and it gives me lots of time to think. There are a lot of things I've been missing in my life that I was doing when I was posting here regularly. With my birthday coming up (September) I think it is a good time to make a plan for prioritizing the things that are important to me for the year ahead. Many of these things have to do with self-care, as I find I get stressed with work and everything else (i.e., hobbies, exercise, healthy eating) falls by the wayside.

I think I might start by doing a series of posts on some of my favourite things that keep me motivated to stay healthy.


(hopefully by writing, and posting, this I will now feel obligated to post what I promised)

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